Middle School State Finals


Registration & Weigh-in



1.  All Registrations must be completed at Trackwrestling.com and the

     registration fee must be paid.  No one is in the tournament until they are

     registered and paid at Trackwrestling.  There is a deadline for

     registration posted on Trackwrestling. 


2.  When the wrestler registers they must declare the weight class they will

     be wrestling in the tournament.  This is the weight class they should make

     on Sunday at the Middle School State.     


3.  Weigh-ins will be held Sunday morning prior to competition.  This is the only

     time the wrestler will weigh-in.  Their weigh-in will be in uniform (singlet)

     with a one (1) pound allowance.

     (example - wrestlers in the 102 pound weight class must make 103).


4.  All Wrestlers must have their USA Card # verified when they arrive for weigh-in

     Sunday morning.  They should bring the card or a copy to weigh-in when they

     are called.


5.  There will be no refunds for any reason.  We can foresee a number of

     people saying the wrestler was hurt, or sick, simply because they decide

     they do not want to come on Sunday morning, or because they were

     trying to cut too much weight and realized they could not make weight.


6.  Should the event be postponed for any reason it will be held on Sunday

     Feb. 25.  If the event is cancelled completely, and not made up refunds

     would be given to those who send a self-addressed, and stamped, envelope

     to Rex Peckinpaugh 801 Parkview Dr., New Castle, IN  47362 (the request

     should include the name and wt. class of the wrestler.  There will be a $2

     service charge for this.




Middle School State

Weigh-in & Registration



Why are we doing it this way?

We are registering, and weighing in, in this manner to expedite the process and make things as fair as possible to the most people.  We did not have many qualified volunteers for satellite weigh-in sites, and many wrestlers had conflicts with Middle School matches.  By doing it this way we will accomplish several things.

            1.  Make sure everyone that wants to wrestle gets the chance.

            2.  Have less mistakes to deal with because of poorly filled out, or

                 missing, FAX documents.

            3. Control excessive weight cutting.  If someone wishes to cut a

                bunch of weight for the tournament they can still do so, but they

                will not have almost three days to put it all back on.

            4. Give ourselves a chance to start on time, or very close to it.


Can I move up a weight class once I am registered?

Sure…why not.   It is suggested though that the wrestler makes the weight they are registered for, and that they not be registered for a weight they cannot make.  If you are a parent do not be the kind of parent who goes to extremes and makes their child cut to a weight they cannot make…pick a weight they can make.


What does “in uniform” mean?

In uniform means you will wear a singlet.


When will we weigh-in? 

Weigh-ins will begin no later than 8:10am, but may start earlier.  We will call wrestlers in groups.  If you are not present by 8:30am you may lose the opportunity to weigh-in.  When weigh-ins close they will be closed.


Can we register and pay with a school/club check?



Are there any other things that we need to know?

-           The doors will open at 7:00am

-           No Lawn Chairs, tables, & etc. will be allowed in the building.  Any sleeping bags,     

 coolers, and etc. should be kept in the bleachers.

-           Smoking is not permitted on school property.

-           Firearms are not permitted on school property (even if you have a permit).  If you

 are found with a firearm on school property you will be arrested.




***We do not for see the tournament being postponed, but in the event of a postponment by the hosts the tournament will be rescheduled for Sunday February 26.  All rules above would apply at that time as well.